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Russell Westbrook’s season ended the same way it happened: with none of us able to look away

Damn near every play Russell Westbrook makes exudes Russ. As much as nostalgia urges us to compare players to the benchmarks that came before them, Westbrook is a special case, a player unique enough to generate flowing ballads and lengthy criticisms alike.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by Kevin Shattenkirk’s game-winning goal in overtime; ask any Capitals fan this morning how they’re doing and then look down. They’ll be back on their heels, ready to run at a moment’s notice while their eyes dart back and forth.

The truth is the Penguins pulled off an incredible comeback in the final two minutes despite losing the best player in the game. This, after a rout in Game 2. Hockey is a game of momentum swings, so maybe the Capitals feel confident after leaving Game 3 with a win. That’s all that matters, after all.

But … man. Everything about that game and how it played out should make you absolutely nervous for the Capitals. Pittsburgh seems unfazed and steeled. We’ve got one heck of a series ahead of us.

The Toronto Raptors, in the interest of ensuring their fans cannot even take a modicum of pleasure in a series-clinching win, gave away a 25-point in the second half as the Bucks took the lead late. (Milwaukee officially completed its comeback by taking the lead on a Jason Terry three. In the year 2017.) Toronto fought back to win the game and the series thanks to a dagger dunk and clutch free throws from DeMar DeRozan. The Raptors will face the Cavaliers beginning Monday.
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Game Youth Hau’oli Kikaha Jersey And hey, the Toronto 905 won the D-League Championship on Thursday! Bruno Cabloco was amazing! Just two more years and he’ll be ready …