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Look at this perfect Chiefs punt

Game Youth Avisail Garcia Jersey
The Chiefs pulled off the most perfect punt against the Steelers on Sunday. Dustin Colquitt hit a 43-yarder, which bounced inside the Steelers’ 1-yard line.

That sets Elliott up to serve his six-game suspension after the Cowboys’ Week 6 bye. The NFL announced that Elliott’s suspension will begin immediately, but Elliott and the NFLPA will likely file a temporary restraining order motion in New York:
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It is entirely possible that, just like before Week 1, Elliott gets a preliminary injunction AGAIN, and this again gets put on hold.

But now Butt is taking his last name to another level. At least according to this graphic, Butt really got the NFL to rename the tight end position. It is now officially the tight butt position. What powerful flex this is. Has quarterback been renamed quarterbrady? I don’t think so.

In all honesty, this is just a harmless typo. But it’s the best butt typo we’ve seen. I hope Jake End has a fruitful career as a tight butt.

Elliott also told the woman that she couldn’t come to his birthday party and she replied, that’s worst decision you made in your life. I’m going to ruin you life now, per the same documents.

The athleticism of the spike would have been amazing. This is a full extension toe-touching thing, but who cares about the jump when you have a ball bouncing into a player’s butt.

Mike Williams made his NFL debut in Week 6. The seventh-overall pick in April’s draft was limited — as expected — to 11 snaps and caught his lone target for 15 yards. Williams was on the field for 17 percent of the offensive snaps, including 19 percent of the pass plays.