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Roethlisberger suffered a right foot injury Sunday against Miami

Securing a Pittsburgh Steelers playoff win in Kansas City, and then in New England, will require a few vintage Big Ben moments.

The Steelers’ locker room is brimming with confidence after eight straight wins, and WR Antonio Brown and RB Le¡¯Veon Bell are key weapons. But QB Ben Roethlisberger must sidestep a few potholes on the road to his fourth Super Bowl appearance.

His body seems to be one pothole.

Jack Johnson Mens Jersey Roethlisberger suffered a right foot injury Sunday against Miami, and the quarterback said on 93.7 The Fan that he’s still experiencing some soreness and could get an off day Wednesday.
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According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which first reported the charge, police smelled marijuana coming from his rental car and found cigars that later tested positive for marijuana.

The marijuana charge was added on Dec. 15, and he has an initial court appearance scheduled for Jan. 23, according to the circuit court website.

“The Packers are aware of the matter involving Geronimo Allison,” the team said in a statement to “Because this is an ongoing legal matter, we will refrain from making any further comment.”

Allison was signed as an undrafted free agent from Illinois. He caught 12 passes for 202 yards with two touchdowns in the regular season and had one catch for 8 yards in last Sunday’s playoff win over the New York Giants.

He’s expected to be a significant contributor in this Sunday’s divisional-round game at Dallas, especially if Jordy Nelson’s rib injury keeps him out.

Team USA demolishes Japan 59-12 for American football gold medal

Team USA showed the enormous gap between itself and the rest of the world in America’s most popular sport, demolishing its closest competition Japan, 59-12, in the gold medal game of the IFAF (International Federation of American Football) World Championship.

Interestingly, Brady had never ranked in the top three as far as merchandise sales are concerned, according to the figures. For a player who has been dominant for so long, that’s surprising. Then again, the longer he’s played, the more people already have his jersey and don’t need another one. Only a special circumstance like DeflateGate can seemingly spur sales.
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If Brady’s numbers have moved the needle at all, he’ll get a bigger slice of the pie that is distributed to players from merchandise revenue. That revenue is split evenly, however, so every player in the NFL is equally benefiting from Brady’s protracted battle with the NFL. The top five in merchandise sales are all quarterbacks — Brady, Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. After that, J.J. Watt, Richard Sherman, Odell Beckham Jr., Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston round out the top 10.

Brady outsold all other players in mini-figures, bobbleheads, fatheads and headwear.
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Along those same lines, I’ve got four young guards whose names you should look out for over the next few years. Oakland’s Gabe Jackson, a third-round pick in last year’s draft, started 12 games for Oakland last year and really held his own, providing a spark to the Raiders’ offensive line that he’ll hope to carry into 2015. Larry Warford’s going into his third season so you may know a bit about him already, but the Lions guard seems destined to be a star — inasmuch as a guard can be a star in this league.

Kyle Lowry’s team is a firm No. 2 behind the champs in the East

Authentic Nolan Cromwell Jersey Your best shooting season as a starter was last season, at 42.7 percent and 38.8 percent from 3. This season, you have increased those numbers to 47.8 percent and 44.5 percent. What did you do differently?

With DeMar [DeRozan]’s scoring going up and being top-five in scoring [28.2 PPG], he takes a lot of attention off of me and is giving me more ability to use the pick-and-roll without being double-teamed and just going out there and playing the game. Our bigs have gotten a year older, being more comfortable screening and being more assertive. To me, it is about taking the right shot and the best shot that is available and not forcing anything.

Kyle Lowry’s team is a firm No. 2 behind the champs in the East. Will he stick around to unseat the Cavs someday?

Like the first two quarters of Tuesday’s victory over Minnesota, the first half of the season certainly hasn’t come without challenges.

Authentic Dante Exum Jersey After all, San Antonio is playing its first season since 1996-97 without Tim Duncan. The starting lineup includes one new player in Pau Gasol, and let’s not forget the Spurs tipped off the season with a total of seven new players, including four rookies.

Still, the Spurs managed to capture a 32-9 mark (which ranks as second-best in the league) at the halfway point. They started off last season 35-6, including 22-0 at home.

So despite starting with seven new players and one new starter, the Spurs are just three games off their 2015-16 pace.

“We’ve still got a lot of work to do,” Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard said. “I think we could rebound the basketball a little better and also get our one-on-one defense better as well.”

Leonard put together his fourth consecutive 30-point game against the Timberwolves, tying the longest streak of 30-point outings by a Spurs player in 30 seasons (Duncan accomplished the feat in 2004).

Olsson asked that Nowitzki keep an open mind to the Kenyan wedding.

Nowitzki and Olsson were married in July 2012 with traditional wedding ceremonies in Germany and Kenya. In Kenya, they had a Kikuyu wedding where the community learns that the daughter is engaged and relatives from both sides get to intermingle before it concludes with a ¡°ruracio¡± (dowry payment) discussion. The bride wore a traditional Kikuyu garment while the groom was in a dark brown traditional outfit with orange hues.

Game Scott Simonson Jersey The traditional Kenyan wedding in her hometown of Nanyuki was a new experience for both the bride and groom.

¡°She didn¡¯t really grow up in Kenya,¡± Nowitzki said. ¡°Her dad¡¯s Swedish and her mom is from Kenya. They have lived in Sweden basically her entire life. So this is new to both of us.¡±

Olsson asked that Nowitzki keep an open mind to the Kenyan wedding. To no surprise, the free-spirited, comical and fun-loving German relaxed, danced to African music and even had an encounter with a helpless goat.

Rivers dealt with challenges on and off the court while he was a star player at Marquette.

In 1997, when Austin was 4, the family was living in San Antonio while Rivers worked for TNT. He was on assignment and playing golf in Seattle when Kris made a last-minute decision to pack up her four children and visit family in Wisconsin. While they were gone, their house burned to the ground.

It was arson, Rivers would later learn, a hate crime driven by race. And Rivers seethed. His home had been destroyed. His family pets had perished in the rubble. His immediate goal was to level the house, clean it up, to protect his wife and children from the horrors of what he had seen. He built them a new home a few streets away and told them, “We will not run from this.”

But after the fire, Austin hardly wanted to go outside. When the family planned a vacation, he’d become unglued. The fire had happened, after all, while they were away.
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“The other kids rarely talked about it,” Doc says. “It affected Austin more than any of the four. We don’t know why. You never know why.”

Initially, Kris and Doc were tight-lipped about the circumstances of the fire. How could they possibly explain that someone had done this merely because of the color of their skin?

Sharrif Floyd has the Vikings doing a happy dance

When Sharrif Floyd came out of Florida in 2013, I was certain he would not be a good three technique in the NFL. I just didn’t think he had enough moves as a pass rusher or enough wiggle to him to perform well at that position in a fast flow 4-3 defense. Maybe he could get by if he played in the type of 4-3 where the defensive tackles were supposed to hold up blockers rather than make plays.

Floyd did have somewhat of a slow start to his career. He started just one game as a rookie, notching only 2.5 sacks. That’s below average for a three technique in that kind of scheme. Don’t misunderstand my acknowledgement of being wrong about my projection to be a total rejection of my initial assessment of Floyd. Initially, he was stiff in the hips and he didn’t have any pass rush moves. However, he’s big, strong and fast. Sometimes, that can be enough until you figure out the other shit.

While the NFL doesn’t care much for fights, a lot of people do. Willie McGinest even said that if he was in charge of the New York Jets he would have given IK Enemkpali a contract extension for showing a fighting spirit because that’s the type of player he wants to go to war with.

Beyond the hot takes about the value of fighting, plenty would say they’re just plain fun to watch. Even the Dallas Cowboys think so, proudly sharing a fight from practice as a “MUST WATCH.”

This time around Ingram should be completely healthy again. He will also be two years removed from his ACL injury which is when most guys generally bounce all the way back to their former level of athleticism. That excites me to no end because as explosive as he was on film at the beginning of last season, Ingram may be even more so this year.

He should be super confident in his abilities now after the games he did get to play at the end of last season. Getting back into tip top shape and having total confidence in his knee and his abilities should have Melvin Ingram ready to go HELL OFF this year.

Kam Chancellor will miss Week 1 due to holdout

The Seattle Seahawks have given up on an 11th-hour miracle resolution to Kam Chancellor’s holdout. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made that official Wednesday, announcing that Chancellor will not play in Seattle’s opener against the Rams.
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With the Seahawks beginning the serious part of their practice week on Wednesday, Carroll decided that the team needed to focus on getting Dion Bailey ready to replace Chancellor. He said he’s “disappointed” that Chancellor still hasn’t reported, and that the team will take things on a week-by-week basis.

Chancellor is under contract, having signed a four-year deal in 2013, but wants money appropriate to one of the league’s top safeties, something he hadn’t become when he signed that contract.

To understand the impact of Hayne’s switch we first need to understand the perception of the NFL in rugby-playing nations. Being an NFL fan in Australia means hearing barbs thrown at the sport in one of three well-worn camps: The players are fat, they’re not tough enough to play without pads and they get dozens of 30 second rests during the game. The nuance is lost on the average Rugby League-loving fan, and so too it will be lost on a lot of players trying to make the switch.
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This runs headfirst into a larger phenomenon most Australians would rather pretend doesn’t exist: Seeking acceptance from the USA. There’s a dichotomy of disdain for perceived cultural imperialism butting up against this notion that gaining success in the United States means you’ve “made it.” This applies to chefs, actors, musicians and of course athletes. Hayne is that dream made manifest, and it’s one other players will seek too.

Hayne has set the baseline for what a Rugby League player needs to be to make it in the NFL. It’s one hell of a baseline. An eight-time Dally M recipient (twice as Player of the Year), a Four Nations and World Cup Champion, and one of the best players in all of Rugby League.

The Blazers’ Maurice Harkless is another example of a defensive specialist

I had shares of the Milwaukee Bucks’ Malcolm Brogdon on my season-long rosters well before he messed around and got a triple-double.

Klay Thompson Kids Jersey Playing DFS has provided an impressive boon to my redraft rosters, as the nightly nature of this realm forces gamers to recognize rotation shifts and immediate surges that we can miss when taking a more macro view of the league in traditional fantasy basketball. Injuries are instantly commodified in DFS, which in turn helps us recognize the key beneficiaries in a specific window for value.

One actionable lesson here is to leverage the Player Rater for identifying such specialists. The index employs a standard deviation formula with respect to league and positional value above or below average. Ricky Rubio is only averaging seven points per game at a sluggish percentage, thus we find him negatively rated in points and field goal rate. This shouldn’t disqualify Rubio as a meaningful fantasy asset, however, as he’s eighth-best in added value in steals among point guards on the Player Rater. With this stat proving so scarce, it’s fair to consider Rubio a valid specialist.
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The Blazers’ Maurice Harkless is another example of a defensive specialist, as he rates among the upper tier on the Player Rater in both steals and blocks among small forwards. When evaluating fantasy roster results throughout the season, keep specialization in mind, as such contributions can prove pivotal in attaining that coveted edge.

The inimitable @AlbertRandom1 on Twitter, providing this helpful follow-up on our recent Nikola Pekovic item, spells out that Minnesota will be eligible to apply to the league to have Pekovic’s cap hits ($12.1 million this season; $11.6 million in 2017-18) removed from its payroll after Jan. 31. That’s one year to the date of the last time Pekovic appeared in a game for the Wolves.

The Boston Red Sox declined Hanigan¡¯s $3.5 million option this offseason

Ryan Hanigan: The Boston Red Sox declined Hanigan¡¯s $3.5 million option this offseason, resulting in an $800,000 buyout. With two stints on the disabled list in 2016, injuries are a concern for the 36-year old. His -4.1 FRAA was the first time in his career it dipped below zero, so there might be a chance that he could return to being a positive pitch-framer. Just like Soto, it¡¯s unclear how many games any team can count on from Hanigan.
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Womens Darryl Sittler Jersey Kurt Suzuki: No longer needed in Minnesota after the Twins signed Jason Castro (jerks), Suzuki could be an option for any team that believes he can be a useful bat off the bench. He had a very good first half of 2016 by hitting .294/.332/.447, but he followed that up with a poor second half, hitting .209/.261/.345. Suzuki has never been considered a good defensive catcher, but he¡¯s better than Navarro.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia: He hit 12 home runs in 2016 and is better than Hank Conger throwing out baserunners (12-for-49 in 2016), but Salty is a shell of his former self.

And when the outdoor Heritage Classic game came around, Lack got the start. And Luongo was furious. From the Toronto Sun:

¡°Louie¡¯s pissed,¡± Vancouver head coach John Tortorella revealed after his team¡¯s 4-2 loss. ¡°He¡¯s not happy. He¡¯s proud. I get that.¡±

Fans also voiced their displeasure at seeing the No. 1 goalie on the bench. Cries of ¡°Luuuuu!¡± echoed inside BC Place when Lack was introduced as the starter and throughout the game.
Flash-forward to Monday. The Winter Classic in St. Louis might get delayed due to rain. And here comes Luongo with a fire tweet wrapped in shade.

Tom Brady reaches 4,000 yards for 8th time in his career

Tom Brady eclipsed 4,000 passing yards against the Houston Texans on Sunday, the eighth season he has done so. Brady went into the Sunday Night Football game with 3,912 passing yards, so he needed 88 yards to reach the milestone, and made it shortly after the two-minute warning in the second quarter.

Brady now joins Peyton Manning and Drew Brees as the only players with at least eight 4,000-yard seasons. Manning, who is injured right now and probably isn’t going to reach the milestone this season, has 14 seasons of 4,000 passing yards. Brees has nine seasons having reached the mark, and he’s within striking distance of hitting it again with 3,482 passing yards this year.

Brady entered Week 14 as the league’s second-most productive quarterback, just a handful of yards behind Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer. The Patriots came into Sunday with a 10-2 record, first in the AFC East and among the top seeds in the conference.

This season has been filled with milestones for Brady. He threw his 400th career touchdown pass in September, and in October became the fifth player to reach 55,000 passing yards.

Head coach John Harbaugh said earlier this week the plan was to monitor Schaub and for Clausen to take the majority of his reps in practice.
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“It’s going to probably be a tolerance issue and how well [Schaub] moves around and stuff,” Harbaugh said. “We’re not going to practice him too much early in the week.” Harbaugh noted that Clausen needs the practice reps more than Schaub does.

Schaub was able to play through the pain and finish Week 13’s loss against Miami. Harbaugh confirmed that Schaub is still the starter going forward.

Authentic Mens Marreese Speights Jersey The Ravens are in a must-win situation when they face the Seahawks in Week 14. Baltimore’s playoff chances are slim, and a win won’t come easily against the Seahawks, who are currently riding a three-game winning streak. Seattle’s defense is second in the league in offensive yards allowed per game with 308.2, and they had three sacks, an interception and a forced fumble in Week 13’s dominant 38-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings.