The stifling defense that Ryan was supposed to bring to Buffalo arrived one regime later.

Literally the only coach in the NFL who would have thought to drag Jay Cutler out of the broadcast booth to fill a sudden quarterback need was Miami’s Adam Gase, who had some modest degree of success with Cutler in Chicago two years ago and figured he knew the offense, so why not. Here were are a month later, and the Dolphins have scored a combined six points in two games against the Saints and Jets, and we’re dealing with the whole, Does Cutler even care? meme again. Matt Moore could have done this for literally one-sixth the price. But if the Dolphins had enough confidence in Moore, they wouldn’t have thrown $10 million at Cutler to pry him away from Fox. Gase is a confident coach, correctly pointing out that his 2016 Dolphins’ start was worse and they still made the playoffs. So maybe this comes around. But from here, it’s hard to feel confident about that.

No team in the NFL has permitted fewer points than the Bills’ 54. The ability to keep opponents under wraps has enabled Buffalo to stick with a low-risk game plan that uses the running game as well as Tyrod Taylor’s ability to make plays with his arm and feet.

Taylor is averaging only 186 yards per game in the air, but owns the seventh-best passer rating in the NFL at 100.7 and has thrown five touchdown passes against one interception in 99 attempts. Add in the presence of LeSean McCoy, who despite modest numbers can take over any game, and you have an offense that plays complementary football.

They’ve been productive on third down, Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis said. Tyrod Taylor is doing a fine job. He’s able to scramble and get the ball downfield. He delivers the ball on time. LeSean McCoy is such a good runner. They have good, sound people.

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