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The NFL is stuck with Roger Goodell

WE’RE STUCK WITH GOODELL: Get used to Roger Goodell. He’s not going anywhere for awhile. America’s other orange-tinged blue blood isn’t very popular with the public, but that doesn’t matter. There’s a group of 31 billionaires who are very fond of how rich he makes them, regardless of the haphazard penalties he slaps them with from time to time. The MMQB is taking a closer look at football ид la Goodell this week, and you should definitely check it out.

Does it really matter if America doesn’t like Goodell? I wouldn’t think so. Even from the NFL’s perspective, as long as football is popular. Nevertheless, the league sees a danger in fans associating Goodell bot with the sport, which is why they Jack Johnson Jersey hired a former White House press secretary and put him charge of fixing Goodell’s public image problem. Good luck with that!

The classic example of end-of-half clock mismanagement came in Week 3 from the Titans, who ran a draw on first down for 8 yards from the 25-yard line with 33 Nick Foligno Jersey seconds left in the first half. The opposing Raiders were down to one timeout. Oakland didn’t call a timeout after the play, so Tennessee could have let the game go to halftime or called one of their own remaining timeouts to try to set up the next couple of plays. Instead, they rushed to the line and threw a pass with 11 seconds left, a meaningless 3-yard in-route that was telegraphed and nearly intercepted. On the next play, with eight seconds left, Marcus Mariota threw another pass over the middle that was tipped and intercepted by Reggie Nelson, who stepped out of bounds during his return with no time left on the clock. It was the polar opposite of how to manage a late-half or late-game situation.

Teams can get in trouble throwing the ball in these spots, although it’s often with low-reward decisions; think about the Cowboys throwing a checkdown with time running out in the half against Washington in 2010 and having Tashard Choice’s fumble returned for a touchdown — which ended up as the margin of victory in a 13-7 loss. And there are times when the draw works, too. But that’s not the point. It’s better to have a plan and go all-out in attack or time expenditure without letting the opposition decide what to do on your behalf.

When teams are dealing with this decision in the fourth quarter of a tie contest, chances are it’s better to be aggressive and try to win games. There are too many teams throughout history who have sat on the ball after allowing a late score and regretted the tale. The flip side of that, quite famously in opposition to John Madden’s commentary, was the 2001 Patriots. They allowed a back-breaking touchdown to Ricky Proehl with 1:36 left in the Super Bowl to tie the score at 17, and while Madden suggested the Patriots kneel on the ball, Bill Belichick rightly realized he was a massive underdog and would only be running the risk of giving Kurt Warner the ball in overtime.